the doorless shower enclosure
the doorless shower enclosure
the doorless shower enclosure
the doorless shower enclosure
the doorless shower enclosure
the doorless shower enclosure

If the definition less is more had an equivalent of image, it would probably represent by this shower enclosure  Sk-In collection: PKF model fixed wall with matt black finish frame and Madras Nuvola glass.


The top of elegance and minimalism that satisfies contemporary taste, thanks to the relevance of its clean and functional lines.


The Sk-In collection is a protagonist of its time: it was conceived to be a Walk-In shower unit which, in the absence of doors, offers an innovative experience of freedom to those who let themselves be seduced by its essential character which makes sobriety his banner to flaunt.


A shower unit that invites modernity into the bathroom space and which, in addition to the tactile pleasure of a pouring jet, offers the visual relax of its design rigor.


The Sk-In collection is made up of only glass elements: in the case of the PKF model, we are talking about a monolithic slab that can be up to 10 mm thick.

In the photo we can admire it in the version with Madras Nuvola glass which guarantees privacy and transparency together, thanks to the full satin finish which fades upwards from the bottom to total transparency. A choice that goes perfectly with the combination of decisive matt black profiles, which contribute to making this shower enclosure sensual and austere at the same time.


Naturally, as per the Vismaravetro philosophy, the shower enclosures in the Sk-In collection are designed to guarantee safety, sturdiness, the usual simplicity of installation and the always welcome ease of maintenance in daily cleaning operations.


We can conclude by saying that the shower enclosures of the Sk-In Vismaravetro collection are design made of matter: because if there is nothing to remove, then it means that there is nothing more to add.

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