Accessories for tidiness<br/>of shower enclosure

Accessories for tidiness
of shower enclosure

Vismaravetro is constantly looking for solutions to improve its environmental impact.

The long life of our shower enclosures and our ecological standards, already guaranteed by the use of high-quality recyclable materials, are improved when used with care and maintenance products for your shower enclosure.

Virgola Windscreen for shower enclosures

Virgola is the squeegee accessory that facilitates glass cleaning and maintenance.
It’s ergonomic, practical, always handy, thanks to its magnetic support that can be fitted anywhere.

It is used without detergents because its shape leaves no water residuals and glass remains clean and shiny.


Cleansing and maintenance kit For shower enclosures

Vismaravetro products for ordinary and regular maintenance of the shower enclosure.

The maintenance kit includes a gel product for cleaning the glass and another product for restoring the anti-limescale treatment. This kit helps with regular cleaning of glass with a TPA treatment. It revives the action of the treatment, ensuring that the anti-limescale protection lasts longer on your shower enclosure.
The anti-limescale detergent is an ordinary cleaning product for the shower enclosure and is compatible with glass treated with TPA (preventive anti-limescale treatment).