In 1907, more than one hundred years ago, Giuseppe Vismara started off as salesman for glass, crystal and mirrors produced by Mariano Comense. Vismaravetro has operated in the market niche of directly produced shower units for the past fifty years. Things have undergone a considerable change since the company was established in 1947. Both in society and in our company. Generations have gone by, houses are built according to new criteria, and comfort has been enhanced in the bathroom. Our company has changed considerably, from the name to the product. A new Vismara generation, the third one, to be precise, has entered the company to give its contribution. There has been an injection of new ideas and new enthusiasm.

Hence, today Vismaravetro is organised to be able to face every commitment with constant focus on providing practical proposals. Manual skills and industrialisation, technology and research, design and communication, all factors that lead to solid strategies and specialised production. The mission is to design, build and market shower units as if they were genuine items of furnishings with very high technical and formal quality.
Chanelling energies in new directions to be developed day by day with a keen perception for every growth opportunity.

Made in Vismaravetro

looking to the future

Automated warehouses, advanced surface treatments, controlled levitation movements. Innovation horizons may still seem far away, but they are already becoming reality for Vismaravetro: a company for which “4.0” means technology, “14001”, environmental certification and “5 years”, guaranteed quality over time.

Our production facilities are highly advanced and skilled in brilliantly responding to the miscellaneous demands of a company with a high innovative calling, able to make increasing room for research on new technological and formal solutions, and for experimentation on materials and solutions. This corporate philosophy is deeply rooted in a heritage of experience and knowledge that belongs to our corporate know-how, which is based on "family" relations with glass processing, merging manual skills and technology. Three generations have guided the company over the years until today, while the experience of the bathroom has changed, and Vismaravetro has steadily proposed innovative projects and created products and quality systems in two technologically advanced production units. Vismara and the production of glass, a deep bond.

Made in Italy quality

Made in Italy quality

and the culture of work

Our production units are based in Brianza, an area whose powerful furniture-oriented calling is acknowledged worldwide. Our roots are here, and this is where we created new production sites when the market rewarded our choices with a remarkable increase in demand. This is where our employees possess the culture of work that is part of the corporate heritage.

And corporate progress proceeds towards quality and innovation with creative models that are unique in the world, the same models that have conveyed the concept of “Made in Italy” as something inimitable and exclusive.
Quality has always been the key principle of Vismaravetro. We want the market to acknolwedge the quality of our products, rather than the quantity, by successfully proposing innovative applications and customised solutions. Made in Italy quality that is recognised worldwide.

A constant factor of a complex range is keen focus on product excellence, on creating products that are always masterly manufactured with industrial or handcrafting methods.


The Code of Ethics is an official document of VISMARAVETRO S.R.L., approved by the Board of Directors, which contains the principles and rules of conduct that all those who work for and with the Company are subject to.
The purpose of the Code is to declare and disseminate the values and rules of conduct that guide VISMARAVETRO in the performance of its business.



Adjustable installation systems


Various types of openings


Easy SMF assembly system


Magnetic profiles


Quality certifications


Standard tempered glass


Preventive TPA anti-limescale treatment


Customised shower unit


Digital printing on glass


Patented components

glass and aluminium

glass and aluminium

100% green design

Vismaravetro shower enclosures belong by default to the “environmental” category. The primary materials are glass and aluminium, which are both 100% recyclable and can last forever thanks to modern recovery and recycling systems. Industrial production has also begun focusing on environmental topics and special emphasis is always placed on this highly relevant topic during each new project.
This is how terms like “green design” and “eco design” assume significance: through projects and ideas that, in addition to fulfilling functional and aesthetic expectations, are able to respond with a broader and more aware perspective. And when the company engineers a project it takes into consideration the correct use of materials, technology and processing techniques…thus contributing to eco-sustainability.
A precise commitment of Vismaravetro, acknowledged by a third party institution. On 13 February 2004 we obtained the certification of compliance with standard ISO 14001, which certifies that Vismaravetro's “corporate system” operates in compliance with the laws that protect the environment. From production processes to the materials used, from emissions into the atmosphere to corporate buildings, from wastewater to waste management, everything is carefully organised in our company to minimise the environmental impact.

Vismaravetro has had the ISO 14001 certification since 2004, which certifies that the “corporate system” operates in compliance with the laws that protect the environment.

EPD Certification

Eco-friendly shower enclosures

The EPD is a voluntary certified declaration, which provides specific data on the environmental impact of the product, in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025 and EN 15804. Vismaravetro has always had a "green" focus on its production. Starting from the materials used, glass and aluminum, which by their nature are entirely recyclable thanks to modern recovery and recycling systems. Over the years, Vismaravetro's attention has also been directed towards a simplification and efficiency of production standards. In fact, when the company engineers a project, it considers the correct use of materials, technologies and processes to make its own contribution in the direction of eco-sustainability. In the company, everything is carefully organized to minimize the impact on the environment: from the production processes to the materials used, from emissions into the atmosphere to company building structures, from water discharges to waste management.

glass and aluminium
glass and aluminium
glass and aluminium
glass and aluminium
glass and aluminium