Tempered Glass

Our tempered glass meets international safety standards. Vismaravetro reserves the right to make changes, including without notice, to any finishes and materials in order to update products and production processes.

01 - Obscure glass

03 - Clear bronze

04 - Clear glass

05 - Timeless®

06 - Reflecting glass

07 - Clear grey

08 - Satin glass

12 - Extra-light glass

Tempered and stratified glasses

34 - Securplus reeded

37 - Securplus Reeded Grey Glass

43 - Securplus clear bronze

44- Securplus 4+4

47 - Securplus Clear Grey

51 - Securplus Silver Net

53 - Securplus Bronze Net

83 - Securplus Satin Bronze

84 - Securplus Satin

87 - Securplus Satin Grey

99 - Securplus custom

Tempered special glasses

10 - Crystal Extra-reflex

11 - Kathedral

14 - Crystal Extra-light satin

19 - Glass madras "Pavé"

24 - Crystal reeded - 6mm

29 - Crystal Madras Nuvola


Tempered glass for shower enclosures info

Vismaravetro only chooses certified tempered glass for its shower enclosures, with a thickness ranging from 6 to 8 mm which, thanks to the physical process it undergoes, becomes sturdier and more resistant to everyday stress. It is an essential question of safety because this treatment ensures that the glass shatters in a way that is not dangerous for people in the event that it breaks. But that is not all, during processing, the tempering process also acts as a stress test as any faulty glass cannot withstand it: during the cooling phase, the glass breaks into fragments, therefore guaranteeing error-free quality control. These features do not undermine the aesthetic result of the enclosure: you can choose transparent, acid-etched or satin-finished, matt and tinted glass to achieve the desired effect, whatever that may be.


Laminated tempered glass for shower enclosures info

If you want even higher safety standards from your shower enclosure, Vismaravetro offers laminated tempered glass. In addition to tempering, this treatment involves the bonding of two sheets of glass which, once glued together, are so hard-wearing that they stay compact even in the unlikely event of breaking.
This treatment also has the great benefit of being another opportunity for customisation: elements can be inserted in between the two layers that provide an amazing aesthetic outcome, such as glass with vertical waves on the outside or metal interlayers with gold and bronze undertones.
The thickness of laminated tempered glass ranges from 8 mm to 10 mm in total depending on the chosen glass.


Tempered special glass for shower enclosures info

Vismaravetro special tempered glass represents the ultimate in shower enclosures. Safe, sturdy and hard-wearing glass which, thanks to various treatments, can be adapted to any bathroom and meet every aesthetic need. Extra-clear glass is available for unrivalled shine, or with a mirrored effect for an elegant, sophisticated result. The playful semi-transparent look is created with full or faded matt effects from the floor to the top, or yet, you can choose from various graphic designs which turn the shower enclosure into a real element of design.