Geometric decors






P30 Frame Decor

P31 Vertical Decor

P32 Square Decor

Graphic decors



N26 gold

N56 gold

P26/A26 gold


P56 gold

P70 gold

P70 Neverending

Natural decors

P13 Water drops

P15 Organic

P16 Azulejos

P16 gold

P19 Blow


Geometric decorations info

There are almost endless ways you can customise a Vismaravetro shower enclosure: the company is proud of how it completely adapts to the environment because it makes our products truly superior.
Screen-printing, digital prints, sandblasting and acid-etching help achieve ever different results for furniture that is always unique. If you also want a contemporary style in your bathroom, Vismaravetro offers clean geometric shapes and highly effective minimalist lines: designs that support choices of pure industrial design.


Graphic decorations info

The transparency of glass can be enhanced by graphic designs with a strong visual impact made by using screen-printing or digital printing: modules, patterns and calligraphic designs can blend in well with their environment, adding character and elegance. You can choose from meticulous geometric shapes, full pictures, lines, patterns, playful designs and retro inspiration. If you want something completely personal, you can request ad hoc decorations.


Natural decorations info

The shower is a personal, private time that offers well-being and restores balance. It is part of our routine that evokes contact with natural elements which are part of us. This is why natural patterns are among the most popular decorations: floral designs with elegant, curvy lines that decorate the glass, forming a delicate boundary between hectic daily life and harmony of the senses.


Decors tailor-made info Personal Glass

Our endless customisation options reach their highest level thanks to Personal Glass: a digital print technology which lets you print the image you want on the glass of your shower enclosure. It is an innovative, unique product popular with people who want something truly special and unique, because it lets you choose from your unforgettable moments and make them lasting memories.