Metal colours

09 - Matt Black

21 - Bright silver

23 - Bright gold

31 - Satin silver

32 - Satin bronze

33 - Satin Gold

34 - Matt Copper

35 - Matt Gold

38 - Moka

39 - Metal gun

42 - Antique bronze

52 - Brushed bronze

61 - Brushed steel

84 - Bond Copper

Pastel colours

05 - Red

07 - Yellow

10 - Pergamon

11 - Grey

12 - Green

13 - Light blu

14 - White

15 - Matt white

99 - Custom


Metallic coloured profiles for shower enclosures

To continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of company processes and the creation of high-quality products, Vismaravetro uses innovative technological solutions that help offer a varied catalogue of metallic coloured profiles.
From shiny gold, which can enhance shower enclosures drawing inspiration from the most precious of metals, to matt black, which is undoubtedly used as a colour for clothing that goes with everything; the Vismaravetro range meets various tastes in bathrooms.
Surface finishes also give each profile a unique character. The catalogue comes with satin and glossy, matt or brushed finishes.

All the processing phases help achieve a high-quality profile.
This is guaranteed to ensure that the product is perfectly preserved (including any parts hidden from view).

Profiles for shower enclosure in pastel colours

The Vismaravetro profile catalogue is completed with a range of pastel colours: a collection that includes soft, non-vibrant shades, such as matt white which blends and camouflages in with bathrooms featuring neutral shades, as well as yellow and pergamon profiles that go perfectly with natural materials and minimal choices. The range then continues with bold options: pop-inspired profiles are available with blue and green, perfect for ’80s-style bathrooms. The range is completed with two more daring options: red and black for anyone who also wants to leave a completely recognisable and distinctive mark on their bathroom.
It is only a matter of tastes, because the result is guaranteed by the quality of Vismaravetro, which looks after the details in all phases of the processing, even the less obvious ones, so that the beauty of the finishes stands the test of time.