Let's assume it: as useful, indeed indispensable, appliances are not exactly the most desirable object to display in your bathroom.

If you don't have a laundry room or if you have to fight against small dimensions of modern city apartments, installing a washer and dryer can become a small undertaking.


For this reason, Vismaravetro, always attentive to the needs of everyday life and committed to the dissemination of beautiful and design projects, has conceived a shower enclosure that brilliantly resolves the issue: Twin, the shower enclosure with integrated compartment that is proposed as the ideal solution, practical and beautiful to look at.


As simple as it is innovative: the Twin shower unit is designed to have a space that allows you to maintain order and respect the aesthetics of the bathroom.

The compartment is designed for the placement of electrical appliances in absolute safety, as it complies with current legislation.


In addition, Twin goes beyond the simple organization of the bathroom space, because a full-height mirror can be mounted on the compartment door, which will help the room appear brighter and even more spacious. A simple optical effect that offers a lot in terms of aesthetics.


If, on the other hand, the washing machine already has its own space but you still want to introduce a "space-saving" shower unit, Vismaravetro offers Twin Mini: the shower enclosure with integrated pull-out compartment, complete with five shelves for organizing everything needed for the toilet, from towels to body wash supplies.

In this version, the removable part is completely mirrored, for a really interesting look.


One last positive note: Twin can also be chosen in the presence of an existing shower tray, practically impossible not to want it.


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