Customizing the bathroom by embellishing the homes of design lovers with modern and surprising shower enclosures is one of the pillars on which the philosophy of Vismaravetro is based, a company sensitive to the beauty and needs of contemporary living.


It is precisely this imprint that has made the relationship between the Contract area and the company so special because each new project is a challenge in which Vismaravetro places itself at the customer's disposal, and at the same time, gets the opportunity to fully express its capacity.

A do ut des relationship as the Latins said, a win win relationship if we want to be more modern.


The Case History of Chalet Bansky is a pure example of the dynamics described above. This Chalet, located in Tignes in France, among the most beautiful ski slopes in the world, was born from an idea of ??the designer Mickaël Mériguet, who chose Street Art as a furnishing concept to make this 420m2 space unique and spectacular, making it a tribute to the current and, precisely, also to the listed mysterious artist.


Every detail of the furnishings has been designed to be an expression of this artistic movement and the bathrooms don’t make exception: Vismaravetro has specially created the glasses of the shower enclosures by digitally printing them with Personal Glass, a technology that allows for maximum customization of the glass.

Writings and graphics, associated with the transparency of the slab, complete this ambitious and peculiar project.


Personal Glass is an innovative technique that is in great demand precisely because it is in line with the trend of recent years which sees the personalization of objects as the maximum expression of the self.

Thanks to Personal Glass, Vismaravetro gives everyone the opportunity to customize their shower enclosures with photographs, quotes and patterns that become material, with a very high-resolution rendering and a decidedly impactful effect on the spaces.





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