Suite: the next step in shower enclosures
Suite: the next step in shower enclosures
Suite: the next step in shower enclosures
Suite: the next step in shower enclosures

Like the most innovative design item, Suite was born from the need to solve a problem: to dedicate to the shower enclosure its own space and avoid water leaks.


An intuition that Elia Vismara and the Architect Castiglia had practically in unison, from similar experiences they had during stays in big hotels, where large glass walls delimited the space, but without being able to completely contain the water in the shower. This leads to the question: "Why not try to develop an integrated system, able of combining aesthetics and functionality?"


Neither of them had probably immediately realized that their starting point was actually a true evolution of the shower enclosure, which redesigned the boundaries of the sector by creating a new shape, a new use and, essentially, a new product.


Suite does not simply reinvent the shower unit: it redesigns the bathroom by creating a new furnishing concept with a very high visual impact and the finest technological research. 


Today Suite reaches the audience with all the strength of its innovative character and conquers it because, exactly as we hear Elia Vismara say in the video: Suite is a blank sheet whose only limit is the architect's design imagination.


The video shows the infinite application variants of Suite, focuses on its precious details and emphasizes the most important steps in its history: from birth to production.


Watch the video and close your eyes, you can already imagine your new bathroom.


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