Among the indisputable pluses of modern shower enclosures there are the many solutions available, which allow you to customize the bathroom space to suit your wishes. Different parameters contribute to the choice: sizes, heights, design and above all personal taste. Let's discover together the different types of doors to combine with the different shower models, and imagine the design of the shower of your dreams.


Why choose the shower enclosure with sliding door?

Among the Vismaravetro proposals for sliding door shower enclosures we can take for example the ZA + ZA model of the Serie 7000 Collection. When the bathroom is small or rectangular and narrow, our designers recommend it for its numerous advantages: it optimizes the space, it facilitates entry and exit from the shower unit, it does not drip unlike the hinged door, and it is perfect in the case of a small or corner shower tray. If the dimensions of the shower enclosure, on the other hand, exceed 90 cm and the opening is recommended on one side only, the right choice could fall on the ZN model for the niche and ZQ + ZF for the corner configuration, both from the Serie 7000 collection, on the Serie 8000 collection (model CQ + CF for the corner, model CN ??for the niche) or on GLISS (model DQ + DF for the corner, model DN for the niche). All the mentioned boxes are characterized by a door that slides behind a fixed side, ideal in the presence of sanitary ware nearby, because the opening does not clutter the outdoor space.


Why choose a pivoting shower enclosure?

The pivoting shower enclosure is certainly a solution with an elegant aesthetic impact. The doors can be installed with outward opening, where the square footage allows, but also with inward opening, if the need is not to invade the surrounding space.

In the case of internal accessories that could obstruct the opening, Vismaravetro proposes the LB model of the LINEA collection: the double door that facilitates entry, simlify cleaning operations and guarantees excellent water tightness, thanks to the gaskets with which it is equipped.


Why choose the folding shower enclosure, with folding door?

If you have a shower space of 80x80 cm and you want a shower enclosure of design, an option to consider could be the folding door opening system, practical and highly appreciated in small bathrooms, thanks to the opening inside that facilitates entry and prevents dripping.

Unlike the sliding doors, this solution, which finds an example in the RN model for niche showers or RA + RA for corner showers (Replay collection), is perfect in the case of small opening compartments.

The shower enclosures with these openings are equipped with a quick release button to the outside, for the safety of the person and for easy cleaning of the glasses.


Why choose the Walk-in shower enclosure?

The maximum of elegance and contemporary taste is certainly represented by the WALK-IN shower enclosures without door: minimal shower enclosures, characterized by a fixed glass wall and the absence of doors that make the moment of the shower an experience of freedom and relaxation. and simplify maintenance and cleaning operations as much as possible. SK-IN is the Vismaravetro collection that represents this modern shower design philosophy.


And if you need a shower unit for the disabled?

Vismaravetro's mission is to guarantee customer satisfaction: if it is a person with a disability, this goal becomes even more important. In these cases, tailor-made solutions become the standard, to respond to specific needs that differ from time to time.

Vismaravetro has created shower enclosures with four doors, two on each side, one above the other, which allow the opening of the portion that is most needed. This situation-specific and yet easy-to-use solution is equally suitable for all family members.


What to do if you want to close a bathtub?

Do you have a bathtub and you don't want to undergo a replacement surgery? No problem: the advantages of a glass scrren, which can contain heat and splashes of water, can also be obtained by customizing the bathtub.

Vismaravetro offers over-bath box solutions with the same characteristics as the shower models that consider overall dimensions, sizes, and of course design.



As we have seen, the choice among the shower enclosure models is wide, but it is not necessary to choose between practicality and style: whatever the shape of your bathroom, Vismaravetro has thought of a functional and aesthetic solution that can make the moment of the shower the most expected of the day.


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