The Sixtieth Edition of the Salone del Mobile left a certainty in many visitors who came to visit us at the Fair: among the shower enclosure collections present, the guest of honor was undoubtedly the Suite System.

A very precise, positioning and strategic company choice that dedicated practically a third of the stand surface to its display.


The reasons are many: Suite is a unique solution, its watertight walls redistribute roles, redesign spaces and redefine standards.

This Vismaravetro creation is not simply a shower enclosure: it is a design reflection that exploits today's technology, combined with the most modern materials, giving us an extremely functional, flexible, light and, ça va sans dire, very elegant piece of design.


Contemporaneity enters the bathroom and satisfies the needs of the private and contract sectors that are fascinated by so much customization possibilities and, at the same time, guaranteed resistance over time.


The five configurations presented at the Fair, five Rooms inspired by the images available in the catalog and online, were all assembled with new and innovative finishes, giving visitors a taste of the custom power of Suite.


Room 5 welcomes us with the light of its 61 Securplus Silver Net glass with a silver canvas effect, combined with an elegant Blue Saphire profile.


Room 6, on the other hand, warmed the environment thanks to the Copper Bond color profile, combined with the discreet effect of the glass in the Omnidecor Stripes version.


At Room 7 the task of breaking in as a real estate solution, competing directly with an important element of the bedroom, the walk-in closet: a vintage effect ensured thanks to its Bronze Securplus glass, combined with the Moka colored profile.


Room 8, on the other hand, demonstrates that simplicity is a question of details, thanks to the configuration with Grey Securplus glass and Grey Securplus LCD, combined with the brushed steel finish of the profile.


Finally, Room 9 demonstrated how much flexibility and how much customization this system can offer. To do so, we dressed in Securplus Reeded Grey glass accessorized with a Matt Black profile.


With Suite the possibilities are endless: original compositions, custom cuts, ceiling frames and more textures, materials, colors and advanced options such as the ability to darken the glass in one touch for maximum privacy. Simply calling it a shower enclosure would be an unforgivable lightness.


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