The evolution of the shower enclosure has reached a new era.

The shower enclosure has subsequently become a valuable element to admire and show off.

Nowadays, the trend is the same but with an absolute new imperative: to customize. The shower enclosure becomes the central fulcrum of the bathroom, its character manifest itself in its details.


The turning point is made possible by the incredible quantity and quality of materials available today, born from the constant work of Research and Development, an indefatigable department in Vismaravetro.

Thanks to Research and Development  we benefit of aesthetics and functionality that filled the eyes of visitors to the last Salone del Mobile with beauty and surprise. They were able to preview the innovative solutions for profiles and glasses, made with ever new techniques.

All the collections of shower enclosures on the stand showed off elements with a unique personality.


Let's start with the technically advanced profiles for perfect maintenance of the shower enclosure and with multiple finishes: metallic, satin and bright, matt and brushed. The range of colors covers every need: for the new items ranging from the elegant Black Chrome, to the warm Moka, to the chic touch of Saphire Blue and for the classics of the Vismaravetro catalogue: sober and haughty Nero Matt and Metal Gun.


The journey continues with the metal profiles to combine with shower elegant accessories and taps: Satin Gold, Bond Copper, Bright Silver and Brushed Steel.


And if the profiles can give identity to a shower enclosure, the glasses are not far behind, on the contrary. In this field too, research has given us surprising solutions that combine glass with materials with different physical and perceptive properties that restore textures, colors and sensations that redefine the concept of transparency.


The innovations have been made possible thanks to the use of laminated glass (2 tempered glass and laminated with each other) inside which metal or colored plastic and LCD nets have been inserted.

At the Salone it was possible to admire the silver reflections of the Securplus Silver 45 Net, the blue sparkly texture of the Reeded Blu 45 Net version and the more discreet ones of Securplus Reeded Gray and LCD Gray.


Already known to the public but always charming, the rigor of the Omnidecor Stripes lines, the Madras slabs in the Nuvola version, the extremely elegant Gray, and the Bronze-colored glass with a smoky flavor.


It is also important to mention the unexpected mirror effect of the monolithic Reflex Silver Clear glass and to give space to more classic interpretations with the Transparent and Extra-clear glass.



News that confirm that Vismaravetro arrived at this appointment with the future more than on time.

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