Link is the result of a research aimed at integrating lines and space to the continuity between function and


A superior technological evolution, pure expression of the design in its leanest and less permissive definition: less is more, or even better, if there is nothing more to be taken away then there is nothing more to be added.


Link is a partially framed shower enclosure with swing doors that presents truly surprising solutions: a single profile combines opening and adjustment functions. The profile itself acts as a hinge thanks to its capability to rotate on an up and down pin.


Everything in Link works by subtraction: the magnetic gaskets are inserted in a profile applied to the glass section, for a minimal effect, as well as the handle set recessed in the glass door. 


The result is an extremely rigorous shower enclosure, where the lines go unnoticed also thanks to the complete absence of visible screw and relative covers. 

Because the superfluous in Link is not expected.

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