SMF the Easy Assembly System.


Simple as a priority for the Italian shower enclosure company, which in addition to design shower units of the highest design and aesthetic value, is concerned with making their installation a tested, routine and simple for installers.


SMF is a system that can be applied to many collections of Vismaravetro shower enclosures, but not only: SMF is also suitable for the bathtub.


The simplicity of assembly is part of the design effort itself and Vismaravetro has managed to make the final phase of the purchase, assembly, an easy and smooth process.


SMF is a system which, thanks to an innovative extensibility mechanism, allows the ideal positioning of the glass panels and, at the same time, prevents the water from escaping. This is made possible by the customized design and construction of each element of the composition. The easy assembly system is, in fact, made to measure for each individual shower enclosure created.

Developed to be positioned on the shower tray before assembling the shower unit, it allows you to immediately understand if the dimensions of it correspond to the glass panels to be assembled, and therefore if the final result will be optimal.


The S.M.F. it is ideal because it acts both as a guide and as a template, guaranteeing the correct positioning of the uprights without having to take any measures during the installation of the shower unit.

Furthermore, during use, the Easy Assembly System acts as a "dam" which prevents the water from escaping.


SMF is not the only patent of this type in the Vismaravetro firm: the Serie F collection is combined with SIS, a Simple Installation System that helps in installing the doors of this series; thanks to a shaped profile in high intensity polystyrene used during installation, even the installation of Serie F becomes child's play.


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