Choosing the most suitable shower enclosure for your bathroom requires a series of considerations. Nothing difficult, but thanks to this video and Vismaravetro's advices, you'll be able to choose the perfect shower enclosure for you.


Choosing the shower enclosure is an exciting moment because it allows you to daydream about your wellness corner. However, for the perfect relax you need the perfect design and Vismaravetro is here to help you make the right choice. In the video we present you a series of aspects to keep in mind.


Is the space on which the shower tray lays a corner, a niche, a walk-in or a screen on top of the wall? 

Do you have a spacious or small bathroom? 

Are there elements that can hinder the opening of the cabin?


Vismaravetro offers 4 different solutions able to adapt to all situations. The shower enclosure with sliding door, perfect if there are external obstructions. The shower enclosure with folding closure in case of small bathrooms. The shower enclosure with hinged door, ideal in large spaces and also the fixed wall enclosure, also called Walk-In, without door and without barriers.


Now that you have chosen the model, let's also talk about the style: is the bathroom modern or classic? Is there a predominant color of the furniture? Is the room bright? This information will help you choose from the various glass and profile proposals that will make your Vismaravetro shower enclosure unique. 


Go to the website, try the configurator and start your perfect project.


Watch the video for more information!

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