Among the various models of modern Vismaravetro shower enclosures, Linea has earned a respectable position, thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of its project which have made it the most complete series in terms of customization possibilities.


In a recess, corner, 3-sided, with single or double door, aligned fixes or on a wall, Linea is an essential shower enclosure that marries contemporary taste: its adaptability makes it perfect for a multiple range of finishes, glasses and profiles to ensure maximum custom made.


The pivoting door of Linea not only opens outwards, but also opens inwards, guaranteeing perfect watertightness thanks to its magnetic closure, and avoiding annoying dripping on the floor.

The opening towards the inside is a significant plus because it allows Linea to be installed even in small bathrooms or where the fixtures and fittings present could make it difficult to open towards the outside.


Versatile, flexible, comfortable, the Linea shower enclosure is also useful when it comes to welcoming people with disabilities: its shape facilitates entry, giving an experience of true relaxation even to the most fragile users . Even its door adapts to specific needs, thanks to the possibility of being divided horizontally to open only the portion that is needed and without losing an inch of charm, functional and aesthetic performance.


And for the most demanding, Vismaravetro has created Linea in the In-Out version, the modern shower enclosure which, thanks to its single door design, delimits the wet area and creates a space in front where you can dry off and get dressed in the gentle warmth left by the steam hot shower.

When greater stiffening of the structure is required, the Linea shower enclosure is mounted with an upper profile which gives structure without adding weight to the shape, and for simple and worry-free assembly, Vismaravetro has made it suitable for installation with SMF, the system patented easy assembly which, thanks to an innovative extensibility system, allows the positioning of the panels and prevents the water from escaping.


Discover Linea, the most complete collection of shower enclosures by Vismaravetro.

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