We already talk about the efficient and pleasant online experience elaborated by Vismaravetro for its customers. Through our tools such as the configurator or the quotation simulator, all you need is a computer and an internet connection to design your ideal shower cubicle. But now, we will introduce you to a new online service that really simplifies both customers' lives and internal company processes.


An after-sales service we are proud to be the pioneer: since 2018, this service allows you to ask for spare parts online in a simple, quick and without error way.

Vismaravetro's online spare parts service is fundamental to a corporate strategy that puts the customer and his satisfaction first: indeed, the customer doesn’t always remember or know the name collection of his shower cubicle, so the spare request could be difficult.


From this problem, we came up with the simple and innovative idea of creating a website where the customer can request a spare part by sending 3 pictures of the shower enclosure.

Thus, the customer doesn’t have to worry about what details he must give, leaving it to the Vismaravetro technicians to find the necessary part, put it in the shopping bag and let the customer know about it. So, the customer only has to look at his pre-filled shopping bag and pay by card or PayPal.

After that, the company ships the parts directly to the customer's home within a few working days of the payment date.


What we have just described is a quick and efficient process that considerably reduces the percentage of errors and returns. It is not necessary anymore to visit the reseller in person to buy a simple spare part.


This online spare request service is the umpteenth side of a pleasant purchase experience for the customer, because this one is a foundation of a solid brand reputation, Vismaravetro obtained shower after shower.


Discover the website dedicated to the "spare parts online" service

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