Let’s see one of the most elegant and sophisticated new trends: the use of profiles as opposed to the shower enclosures in a total white environment.

A solution which is applicable in various contexts, since they ornament the little bathroom and put an accent on the biggest and more luxurious bathroom prestige. It seems to be a simple detail, and yet this combination becomes an attractive arrangement.


The same way as the shower enclosure we see on the picture putting profili color rame on white ceramic to the fore, a contemporary and vintage effect giving together an unquestionable concept of beauty. Once set up, you would never change it.

In this specific case, the combination has an unerring point of conception, since the shower model choice was also perfect: Replay, with its folding door, makes use of a maximum of the niche and opening space. Furthermore, it can be easily and quickly detached, so the daily cleaning is easier and there is another security in case of emergency.

More than a shower enclosure, it is the perfect alliance between beauty and technology.


Since we are talking about a Vismaravetro solution, this is obviously just one of the many options we offer. In the catalog, you can find profiles covering an almost infinite range of colors: the high quality of the materials is the only thing that does not change. If you would like a metallic contrast, bright gold, or satin-finish gold, you will not be disappointed. If you prefer a colorful contrast, you could choose among bolder shades: red, navy blue, green but also the perfect black that goes with everything and makes every shower enclosure elegant.


Do we really need to wonder why profili in contrasto in a total white bathroom are the most popular choices among design and contemporary look lovers? We don’t think so

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