In addition to dressing the intimacy of our bathrooms with fascinating design, Vismaravetro collaborates with the hotel sector to create custom projects with a very high stage presence and very high functional performance.


In Italy and around the world, there are countless examples of the skillful work of this company: big hotels, spas, historic residences and villas that have understood and interpreted the needs of modern travellers, and have added value to their experience, also thanks to these contemporary shower enclosures.


Just like QCTerme, the famous chain of spas that is present in the most important cities of the Peninsula and in the most renowned mountain resorts, which has chosen Vismaravetro. Selected to make the stay of its guests in the rooms of its hotels unforgettable, real sanctuaries of good life and relaxation away from the chimes of time.

It is no coincidence that the Brand signs itself with a claim, escape the ordinary, which tells all the desire of those who choose this experience to find a suspension, even if momentary, from reality and its rhythms.


To interpret these values ??and give them tangible form, Vismaravetro has proposed the most versatile series: Linea, the hinged door shower enclosure model with the door closing both inwards and outwards, which guarantees a boundless range of customizations, both in the private sector and in the contract segment.

For QCTerme, the Linea shower enclosure has been dressed in a particular configuration that sees profiles in metal gun shades combined with glasses embellished with an original vertical texture, perfect for enhancing the coverings that frame it.

For long-lasting performance, Linea was assembled with 6 mm monolithic glasses, with a double screen printing of vertical lines, both on the internal and external face, applied in a staggered rhythm, to give greater depth to the slab.


Linea represents the culmination of relaxation after a sweet day spent in saunas, steam rooms and whirlpool tubs. It already makes you want to book a weekend. Maybe already next.


Discover Linea, the most complete collection of shower enclosures by Vismaravetro.

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