If Vismaravetro doesn't do it, nobody does it, it's a claim that talks of feasibility, possibilities and truly all-round variety we can find:


In the project: thanks to the possibility of creating shower enclosures to the millimeter, to ensure excellent water tightness and perfect positioning of the enclosure, even in the presence of particular architectural elements.


In assembly solutions: thanks to innovative packaging methods and patents that allow these modern shower enclosures to be installed easier and faster.


Finally, of course, in the design and its customization.

From accessories for a perfect organization of the bathroom essentials, to the infinite range of profiles, made in all colours, up to glass, the absolute protagonists of the latest trends that see glasses and their printing as a new opportunity to create beauty and make the shower unit a real design object.


There is only the embarrassment of riches (and the hidden desire to have more than one bathroom to realize more than one fantasy…), because Vismaravetro allows you to customize the slabs of the shower enclosures with multiple solutions already in the catalog or upon request.


You can opt for a design to create a particular atmosphere: think of a floral theme for a more romantic bathroom, or a skyline for a contemporary urban effect.

Interesting scenic effects can also be obtained with purely graphic textures or you can decide to give an even more personal imprint by opting for writing: quotes, aphorisms, life mottos that can tell something about us to those who enter our bathroom.

But for a truly out of the ordinary impact, photographs are the most suitable solution: unforgettable moments that become indelible memories once printed on the plates of a modern shower enclosure.


A simple procedure, for an advanced technology, which once again sees Vismaravetro committed to the realization of its customers' wishes.


Discover digital printing on glass.

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