Autumn heats up with the news of the release of the new Vismaravetro catalogue: a novelty awaited by agents and sales force who will soon be able to browse the pages of this collection of beauty and functionality.


More than a catalogue, an illustrated story that shows and enhances all the visual power of the technical solutions and innovative finishes created by Vismaravetro company. A story of values ??starting from its incipit: an introduction that compares the shower enclosure to the island of Tonga, not just a physical place but a mythological space where each new day begins.


A solution graphically in continuity with the past but which as always enchants, thanks to the interesting settings of the photographic shots that illuminate the most emotional pages of this catalogue: refined and elegant architectural spaces able of enhancing the shower enclosures without taking the thunder away from them.


Topical watchword: Vismaravetro experimentation has led in recent years to the production of new types of profiles and glasses, anticipating and running into the contemporary taste of the market. Strategic choices available in the sections dedicated to the new range of glasses and the new proposals for profiles in various shades, ranging from black, to bright silver, from gold to strong and lively colors. A direction that definitively archives the times of the shower enclosure only with clear glass combined with the classic silver profile.


Series F, a collection already known to the public, and Supersintesi, recently previewed at the Salone del Mobile, also join the catalogue.


So, prepare your eyes because a new day, signed by Vismaravetro, is going to begin.


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