Did you think you only needed the shower but now you don't know where to put the shower gel?



Finally it has arrived. Assembly and installation were quick and without setbacks. The transparency of the glass spread a new light into the environment and your bathroom has never seemed so beautiful.

You can't wait to relax under the hot water jet of your new shower box.

But had you also thought where to put shampoo, conditioner & co?


Unless you have designed some wall niches, a very current furnishing trend, extremely functional, you should choose accessories for shower enclosures that do not spoil the elegance and formal rigor.

If the choice of wall niches is not possible due to architectural impediments or perhaps because you are in a rented house, Vismaravetro has designed equally functional and visually interesting solutions: not simple storage boxes but real design details.


The most scenic is definitely SCREEN: a sliding glass wall equipped with three glass shelves where you can place the necessary items, which creates a compartment for storing the bathrobe, so as to have it at hand and warmed by the heat of the steam generated by the hot water.


A more streamlined solution is represented by BASKET: a fixed element that can be configured as a corner or wall, and in this case also installed on the glass, for an elegant and precious interpretation of the shelves for the shower enclosure.


Finally, there is AMICO, a corner column equipped with three shelves for objects, a minimal and discreet solution that will give an extra touch of light to the shower enclosure.


All the proposed solutions can be purchased from authorized dealers or directly online on our website shower enclosures Accessories.


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