How to clean the shower enclosure
How to clean the shower enclosure

You have chosen the Vismaravetro shower enclosure of your dreams. It has arrived, it has been installed and now it reigns supreme in your bathroom. But how to protect it from limescale? In this video we explain how easily you can clean your shower enclosure and we reveal the secret of Vismaravetro glasses.


The transparencies of the glasses of the shower unit create fascinating plays of light, but how to defeat the limestone? This is the real enemy of your shower enclosure: its unsightly stains make the glass and the profiles dirty and opaque. However, removing it is much easier than you might think. Just use a mixture of water and vinegar or water and lemon, wipe it with a soft cloth over the entire surface of the shower - including the tray -, rinse with water and finish drying with a squeegee. In this way you will clean your cabin and avoid ruining it with aggressive chemicals.

But so that your shower unit stays new for longer, ask for the TPA treatment: the Anti-limescale Preventive Treatment patented by Vismaravetro which makes the water slide more easily, reducing the formation of limescale. 


Watch the video and see for yourself how effective it is!

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