The high-level contract is a challenging and exciting area that allows companies like Vismaravetro to give their best and to express themselves completely, obtaining two great results: a continuous improvement of their performance and the total satisfaction of the customer, who sees his expectations come true and materialize under his eyes. 

The request for custom-made shower enclosures in these cases is peculiar, and Vismaravetro does not fail to pay the utmost attention to the search for solutions capable of creating the identity of the place it furnishes.


Wardian Towers is, in this sense, an excellent case study: for this extraordinary residence, located in the heart of London in a parenthesis suspended between skyscrapers and nature, Vismaravetro has designed totally custom interiors, and we are not just talking about custom-made shower enclosures or models adapted to the environments, but with a real interpretation of space down to the centimeter.


The shower enclosures have undergone special cuts to follow the architectural choices such as the walls, creating dynamic and original profiles.

The walls of these spa showers, sized to the centimeter, were embellished with the vintage touch of Securplus Reeded glass, while black, austere, and linear profiles were selected for the frames.


Profiles and glasses have lent themselves to geometric, hypnotic and elegant combinations, merging with the environment to become a pure expression of contemporary taste and, at the same time, to give distinctive uniqueness to this place that has given new meaning to the adjective immersive.


Wardian Towers, a project which exhibits all the stylistic ability to coordinate the shower enclosure with the complements and accessories, knowledge that enriches the long Vismaravetro experience, waiting for the next inspiring challenge.

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