Vismaravetro has always had a "green" focus on its production.

Starting from the materials used, glass and aluminum, which by their nature are entirely recyclable thanks to modern recovery and recycling systems.


Over the years, Vismaravetro's attention has also been directed towards a simplification and efficiency of production standards. In fact, when the company engineers a project, it considers the correct use of materials, technologies and processes to make its own contribution in the direction of eco-sustainability. In the company, everything is carefully organized to minimize the impact on the environment: from the production processes to the materials used, from emissions into the atmosphere to company building structures, from water discharges to waste management.


All these efforts are now summarized in this Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).


The EPD is a voluntary certified declaration, which provides specific data on the environmental impact of the product, in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025 and EN 15804.


This certification stems from an initiative developed within the Assobagno Shower Enclosure Group.


This is an important result to certify the sustainability of the production processes of Made in Italy bathroom furniture.

Possession of an EPD constitutes an undoubted competitive advantage for companies, considering its international diffusion and its general recognition as a primary instrument for certifying the environmental performance of a product.


For more information, you can read the FederLegno's official press release

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