Vismaravetro has a long history of knowledge of glass, mastery of its handling and the ability to understand and anticipate trends. 


A tradition that based its roots in a distant past: in 1907, Giuseppe Vismara began his adventure in Mariano Comense as a glass, crystals and mirror representative, bringing a business activity to life that would be handed down from generation to generation, helping the shower enclosure production industry to evolve. 


The company was born in 1947 in the name of Vetreria Elia Vismara, choosing the furniture market as a reference, which make sense with the industrial tradition of the Brianza region, which is well known in the furniture industry.

But since the 70’, everything has changed. New lifestyles but particularly new daily habits: Italians prefer now more modern and European showers instead of classic bathtubs. A revolution that prepared the company to launch into the shower enclosure production, based on its specific expertise in glass.


It began the sale of shower enclosure, that remains the core business of the current company. A change of reality, a new product to commercialize but with a common thread still linked to its roots: the love for transparency and not just for glass. Transparency regarding the production, by setting up operational processes and certified productions, transparency in the customer and employee’s relationships, transparency with the communication to the public. 

Transparency to remain consistent with yourself. 


Since all these years, the company and its employees have created a reality that has helped their market to evolve, thanks to the dynamic spirit, an industrial capacity, love of the raw material and its potential, and an aesthetic and design passion. These characteristics have become the pillars of a visionary and pragmatic soul over the years.


"Soul is needed in the technology to work glass", saying Elia Vismara today, speaking about the glass complexity, greatness, and magic: unbending and flexible, transparent but able to put barriers between us and the external world. 


A soul evolving with particular objectives: making design and practical shower enclosure, with the aim of giving people something that can accompany them over time, even through life. This is not only a product, but a philosophy going beyond the consumer needs, capable of having greater needs. 


In this way, Vismaravetro create its mission, putting the symbiotic relationship between technology and emotion at the base of its crafts. 

Because the glass needs a handmade sensibility combined with sophisticated technology, emotions and soul, freshness and calculation, experience, and research.


It was a little glasswork but has been carried into the future by its dynamism, passion, and the innovations it has applied to its product: creating finished physical spaces of pure emotion.


All this and much more, in the faces and gestures that tell of their love for their company in the new Corporate video, which translates into images and words the combination of Vismaravetro's human and technological nature.

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