SUITE + Securplus LCD glass

Suite, the waterproof partition system for bathroom, is enhanced with a new and unique concept: Suite + Securplus LCD glass.

The beauty of glass lies in its transparency, in the ability to create perimeters but not barriers, to add without taking anything away from the space. But how to combine this visual freedom with the privacy needs of a shower enclosure? With the new dynamic vision of the environment that Securplus LCD glass gives us: a transparent glass plate that can be darkened with a simple touch. An innovation already known in other areas of furniture, but totally revolutionary if we talk about bathroom space, a much more complex environment due to the presence of water in the shower unit.

It’s the Suite collection by Vismaravetro the first one to benefit from this new configuration: the watertight wall system for bathroom that redesigns the experience of the most important room, It is enriched by the presence of Securplus LCD glass among the available options. With a simple click, the shower enclosure loses its transparency, giving privacy and redesigning the spaces, another click and the glass finds again its original luster immediately and in total safety.

Only 75 years of glassmaking experience and dedication to the world of shower enclosures could achieve this aim and succeed in ensuring the highest quality and watertightness, and the double functionality of this innovative LCD. Once again Vismaravetro focuses on design and beauty, technology and performance.

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