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With the arrival of summer heat, we start thinking about how to better live outdoor spaces. In recent years, outdoor furniture has become a pleasure and a necessity, a matter of creativity and the search for beauty and comfort. 

Unica is born from the love for life in the open air. It is a new idea, a new concept of a shower unit; a "theatrical backdrop" designed for public or private outdoor spaces. 

The pleasure of the contemplation of spaces without borders meets the need to contain this freedom with respect and discretion, in the name of intimacy and protection of which we feel the need. 

The particular frame structure of the panels that can be combined together in infinite possibilities allows a right balance between the different needs: offering protection from the wind and protecting the privacy of people without constructive invasiveness with respect to the landscape. 

The Unica shower enclosure looks like an elegant and discreet solution thanks to the self-supporting aluminum structure made in various finishes; incorporates a glazed surface with different decorations horizontally and vertically reversible. 

design: Nespoli and Novara

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Are you looking for a shower stall but don't know where to start? 
With our new search methods you will find the shower enclosure just for you in just a few clicks. 

Do you have a niche, a corner or just a wall? 
Do you want a sliding door, a folding door or a swing door? 

We show you all the cabins that meet your needs and in a few minutes you can customize with the type of glass and profiles you prefer and ask for a quote. 

Discover the Vismaravetro shower enclosure for you!

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SBlack goes with everything

In recent times, black with its nuances has begun to be a trendy color in many areas. Undoubtedly used as clothing color, it is comfortable with everything and represents elegance, but not only in fashion, but in bathroom furniture too. 

Vismaravetro offers the new Metal Gun color finish (code 39) to bring a chic and refined accent to its collection of shower enclosures. 

The elegance of the Metal Gun for bathroom furnishing accessories is inherent in the color itself. The choice of this opaque color for the shower cabin allows to give a chic and vigorous touch; a color suitable for the most elegant environments and perfect for those who love originality thanks to its strong scenic impact. 

The Metal Gun color of the profiles of our shower cabins creates a perfect frame. Thanks to their elegance, they are a true piece of furniture in a design bathroom. 

Combined with taps in a total black optic, it is able to make a glamorous and elegant bathroom.


Summer: the much-anticipated time to reload energies, relax and engage in your own interests with the goal of being loaded to present you all the Vismaravetro novelties for the autumn.
We recall that we will be closed for holidays from 5 to 26 August included.
Good holiday at all.

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