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How much do you really know about limestone?

A quality crystal does not have limestone problems. FALSE
Glass, by its nature, has a porous surface that causes dirt and limestone to settle in irregularities, making removal more difficult. The anti-limescale treatment intervenes creating a sort of protective film that compensates this porosity making the glass more smooth and slippery, able to decrease the amount of water that stops on the glass and limit the adhesion capacity of limestone to the glass itself.

If the glass of the shower box has been treated, it is easier to clean it. TRUE
The TPA facilitates the cleaning of the glass and with a few precautions it is possible to keep the glass of the shower box clean and shiny. It is always advised to remove the calcareous residues of dirt with a soft cloth and dry the shower enclosure after use.
The use of a squeegee trowel makes the operation of removing the residual drops or veil of water more convenient and effective. Our Virgola accessory is included in the price of the preventive treatment anti-limescale TPA.

Once the anti-limescale treatment has been applied, no maintenance is required. FALSE
The duration of the preventive anti-scale treatment depends on the use of the shower enclosure and on the relative maintenance that must be carried out with suitable products.
Use detergents and maintenance kits compatible with the TPA. Products that are too aggressive, abrasive or containing silicones will negate the effect of the treatment.

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The Gold Fever

Gold is the symbol of wealth and the Sun capable of infusing a feeling of warmth and vitality.

From the times of the Baroque it is present in the imaginary as a symbol of strength and wealth; undisputed protagonist in the '20s,' 60s and '70s is now back in the limelight in the world of interior design bringing a sophisticated elegance into homes.

Its sparkling and delicate allure makes it a precious protagonist of furnishing accessories and bathroom forniture destined to stand out for the timeless style.

Thanks to the use of this precious color, Vismaravetro proposes for 2019 the new Satin Gold finish (code 35), able to embellish the shower enclosures inspired by the most precious metals that has always been considered synonymous with style and refinement.

The precious tone conferred to the shower unit by the satin Gold profile evokes sensations of warmth, well-being and prosperity.

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Do you want to personalise your shower unit?

Vismaravetro personalises your shower unit with digital printing.

Digital printing on glass is a state-of-the-art technology that enables to print images, photos, drawings and text on glass panes. This is a high-definition printing technique in 6 colours; in brief, this kind of printing enables to use up to 6 colours, thus enabling to obtain an infinitive number of colour combinations and shades.

The peculiarity of the Vismaravetro digital printing system is given by the use of special ceramic paints that vitrify at 700°C during the tempering process, becoming part of the glass itself. The ceramic paint is indelible and cannot be erased by mechanical “attacks” like marks and scratches or chemical “attacks” as the cleaning detergents, nor does its colour change. The printing lasts forever and cannot be removed.

Do you have an idea to customize your shower enclosure? We do it!

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