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a certified value

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a certified value

Vismaravetro shower enclosures belong by default to the “environmental” category. The primary materials are glass and aluminium, which are both 100% recyclable and can last forever thanks to modern recovery and recycling systems. Industrial production has also begun focusing on environmental topics and special emphasis is always placed on this highly relevant topic during each new project.
This is how terms like “green design” and “eco design” assume significance: through projects and ideas that, in addition to fulfilling functional and aesthetic expectations, are able to respond with a broader and more aware perspective. And when the company engineers a project it takes into consideration the correct use of materials, technology and processing techniques…thus contributing to eco-sustainability.
A precise commitment of Vismaravetro, acknowledged by a third party institution. On 13 February 2004 we obtained the certification of compliance with standard ISO 14001, which certifies that Vismaravetro's “corporate system” operates in compliance with the laws that protect the environment. From production processes to the materials used, from emissions into the atmosphere to corporate buildings, from wastewater to waste management, everything is carefully organised in our company to minimise the environmental impact.


Vismaravetro has had the ISO 14001 certification since 2004, which certifies that the “corporate system” operates in compliance with the laws that protect the environment.