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Suite walls system Suite walls system Suite walls system Suite walls system Suite walls system


Crystal and aluminum wall designed to delimit
the shower area and the sanitary area in a single solution.

Suite is the result of a design culture that expresses ideas and solutions in an eminently applicative key.
Products at the service of the design creativity of architects and interior designers whose flexibility allows the realization of a large number of configurations.

The elements, framed by an aluminum profile with a simple and linear geometry, can be equipped with 10 mm monolithic tempered glass or with a laminated safety glass. Ceiling fixing is not necessary: a gap left at the top allows it to be detached from the irregularities of the ceiling and ensures correct ventilation of the spaces.


Infinite configurations

The customized construction and the multiplicity of possible combinations makes the system extremely flexible and therefore suitable for the most varied architectural situations. The height is designed according to the height of the room.

For more information and/or feasibility requests please contact Vismaravetro

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Suite Configuration
Suite Configuration
Suite Configuration
Suite Configuration
Suite Configuration



A luminous attic, a space to define, modern furniture but with very characteristic elements. Suite with reeded glass and frame in metal gun finish.


Statuary architecture drawn by the black marble. The two glass elements are set like inlays in an environment of rigorous proportions. Suite with laminated glass with gold metal mesh and matt gold finish frame.


A modern bathroom of contrasting colours, with precious gold inserts. A desire for transparency, but also for privacy. Suite with Madras Nuvola glass and matt gold finish frame


A boutique hotel, overlooking a sunny square. Desire for light, for inclusive spaces, but without renouncing one’s own intimacy. Suite with hempcoloured lacquered glass and enamelled frame in matching RAL 1014.


A unique environment, with generous spaces. All the furnishing elements in the right place, respectful of one’s identity and independence. As well as transparent glass and frosted glass, always coherent with its function. Suite with satin grey and transparent glass and matt-finish copper frame.


A shared space between bedroom and bathroom, with clear and essential lines. The shower enclosure and the sanitary area are independent, separated and enclosed by Suite elements, coordinated one each other, in laminated glass with wire mesh and profiles in brushed steel finishing. Suite in transparent laminated glass with steel wire mesh and aluminum frame in brushed steel finishing.

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  • ROOM 2
  • ROOM 3
  • ROOM 4
  • ROOM 5
  • ROOM 6


Suite can be made according to requirements, such as in 10mm thick monolithic tempered, or 4 + 4 laminated SecurplusTM, glass, with plastic and metal interlayers. The aluminium frame has anodized or enamelled finishes. Combinations of glass and customized profiles can be made, different from those proposed.

 UN09H + 90x200 cm

Brushed steel finish. Laminated glass with bronze metal mesh.

 UN09V + 90x200 cm

Matt gold. Madras Nuvola.

 UN09V + 90x200 cm

Matt gold. Laminated glass with bronze metal mesh.

 UN12H + 120x150 cm

Metal gun. Laminated reeded glass.

 UN12H + 120x150 cm

Custom colour. Custom enamelled colour.

 UN12H + 120x150 cm

Matt black. Madras Nuvola.

 UN12H + 120x150 cm

Matt copper. Clear and satin grey glass.

 UN12H + 120x150 cm

Brushed steel finish. Clear glass.