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Suite walls system Suite walls system


Crystal and aluminum wall designed to delimit
the shower area and the sanitary area in a single solution.

Being a bathroom the epithet could be “everything flows”. Or perhaps, even better, “the eternal return”. Never before in these years has the bathroom rediscovered its centrality throughout the Roman civilization, when every city of the empire was equipped with a thermal spa. And it was there at the spa that social and social life took place, in extraordinary settings for decorations and technology, even before that in terms of size. Coming back to the present day, the path that has seen the bathroom transformed from neglected and carefully concealed space to a place of wellbeing and pleasure is still relatively recent, rather than hygiene of the person. A phenomenon that has assumed particular importance in hotels and more generally in contexts characterized by high receptivity. As in biology, the function creates the organ, so in interior architecture we are witnessing the creation of solutions able to multiply the use of space, transforming it from singular to plural in a simple and extraordinarily effective way. This is the case of the Suite Collection, a modular system of frames and glasses designed by Castiglia Associati with Vismaravetro. Conscious interpreter of contemporaneity, the Brianza company has always combined tradition and innovation; the first one derives from the use of the noble material by excellence, the crystal; the second is the result of the attention paid to the evolution of housing and lifestyle phenomena resulting from the company’s presence in the most important European markets.

Infinite configurations

Suite is the result of a design culture that expresses ideas and solutions in an eminently applicative key.
Products at the service of the design creativity of architects and interior designers whose flexibility allows the realization of a large number of configurations.

The elements, framed by an aluminum profile with a simple and linear geometry, can be equipped with 10 mm monolithic tempered glass or with a laminated safety glass. The customized construction and the multiplicity of possible combinations makes the system extremely flexible and therefore suitable for the most varied architectural situations. The height is designed according to the height of the room. Ceiling fixing is not necessary: a gap left at the top allows it to be detached from the irregularities of the ceiling and ensures correct ventilation of the spaces.

For more information and/or feasibility requests please contact Vismaravetro

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Suite Configuration
Suite Configuration
Suite Configuration
Suite Configuration
Suite Configuration