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Digital printing on glass

How does it work?


The digital printing on glass of an image, a drawing, a photo or text is easy and affordable.

The only thing the customer has to do is sending the picture, drawing, photo or text he wishes to be printed in digital format (.tif, .pdf, . jpg), at 360 DPI and in high definition or in (.dwg, .eps, .ai) vectorial format. Alternatively, he can choose from standard images included in our catalogue and price list.

Then, thanks to a software, these pictures are processed and converted into work instructions. The digital printer, using the 6 available colours, applies on the glass surface tiny paint drops so as to decorate it with the requested image, with the same colours and in high definition.

Finally, to complete the fixing of the paint, the glass is tempered; through this process the paint vitrifies and becomes long-lasting.

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Consult section “Personal glass”

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