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The Gold Fever

The Gold Fever


Gold is the symbol of wealth and the Sun capable of infusing a feeling of warmth and vitality.

From the times of the Baroque it is present in the imaginary as a symbol of strength and wealth; undisputed protagonist in the '20s,' 60s and '70s is now back in the limelight in the world of interior design bringing a sophisticated elegance into homes.

Its sparkling and delicate allure makes it a precious protagonist of furnishing accessories and bathroom forniture destined to stand out for the timeless style.

Thanks to the use of this precious color, Vismaravetro proposes for 2019 the new Satin Gold finish (code 35), able to embellish the shower enclosures inspired by the most precious metals that has always been considered synonymous with style and refinement.

The precious tone conferred to the shower unit by the satin Gold profile evokes sensations of warmth, well-being and prosperity.

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