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Vismaravetro has designed and started producing Vis à Vis in its department of Brianza, the glass barrier dedicated to companies and commercial activities. It is ideal for those who want to start their work in compliance with the new Covid-19 workplace safety standards.

All our companies are experiencing with a very particular historical period. We accepted the lockdown for the good of the entire community, with securing of employees and customers and, in general, we stopped a large part of the production and commercial activities.

In recent weeks, however, everyone's commitment has led to positive signs of recovery, allowing the reopening of our companies, small or large as soon as possible. Precisely for this reason, for anyone who has an activity open to the public or just to ensure the safety of their collaborators, it will be necessary to adopt new hygiene and health practices in order to better enjoy this new phase.

It is at this time that Vismaravetro too, has decided to create a made in Italy product that provides experience in aluminum and glass, two perfect materials to counter and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
This new product is VIS à VIS, a glass and aluminum protection barrier for work and public environments.

It can be used as protection for multiple workstations, offices, shops, reception areas, accommodation facilities and in many other commercial or production activities.
It is available in different aluminum finishes, with 2 models to choose from:
- Vis à Vis BASIC, with linear glass
- Vis à Vis PLUS, with the possibility of having a pass-through opening.

To respond quickly to those who need to reopen their company, for now it is made in standard sizes, however it can be requested - even now - completely tailored.
In addition, as Vismaravetro tradition, it is possible to request Vis à Vis with some options and customize it with images and more.

The quality of this protective glass barrier lies in the choice of 6 mm tempered glass.
This guarantees your company or professional activity these points:
- Entirely designed and produced in Italy by Vismaravetro;
- Guarantee on safety, much more than plastic materials;
- Easy maintenance and cleaning;
- Transparency and brilliance over time, even if frequently sanitized with alcohol-based products or disinfectant;
- Last but not least, it is a truly ecological solution, as glass and aluminum are 100% recyclable materials.

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