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MOPA, ceiling clamp of designMOPA, ceiling clamp of design

MOPA, ceiling clamp of design


The MOPA – Ceiling Clamp is a design-fixing element that Vismaravetro uses in the case of full height shower enclosures. The clamps allow in fact to fix the glass to ceiling without using profiles or bars in aluminum, visually lightening the shower unit.

The SK-IN series represents a complete program for walk-in shower enclosures, characterized by fixed glass elements and the absence of doors that combine the rigor of design with the usual guarantees of safety and aesthetics.

For the SK and SB models, the MOPA represents an indispensable element for an all-glass modern design effect. The customization of the SK-IN series with the new clamps makes it possible to satisfy the search for minimalism in finishes.

The SK-IN series is also the only series that can be customized with Stratified Safety Glass.
Vismaravetro is the first and only manufacturer to have this technology available as standard on its shower enclosures.

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