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Thoughts drifting

On the occasion of the Design week of Milan, H2Otto, a consulting space for the architectural world, in collaboration with the brands Ceramica Sant’Agostino, Effegibi, Irsap and Vismaravetro, chose a cultural theme to enliven the evenings.

“Water” was the chosen theme to raise public awareness of a conscious and responsible use of this supreme good.

The event will be divided into four evenings, from Monday 3rd to Thursday 6th of April, during which 16 designers, four for each evening will interpret the theme of water through the live realization of a pictorial work with the most different techniques;
and they were also asked to make a text on the subject in the form of a letter, story, reflection, poetry.

The event will see the participation and support of H2O Nuovi scenari per la Sopravvivenza (New scenarios for survival), Non profit Association that for many years is working to make disclosure on this important issue, organizing workshops on the subject around the world.

“Designing water may seem an absurdity, but from the moment we realise we have to place an increasing emphasis on environmental issues, the project culture cannot ignore designing it in all its forms - consumption, daily use and rethinking water itself, designing not just containers but above all their content, until, in a future scenario we succeed in designing its service” says Cintya Concari, the Organisation's President and Founder.

The developed “works”, will be donated to the Organization by the authors that will auction them. Moreover, all the material collected during the evenings will be printed into a magazine published by H2O and whose proceeds will go to the association that in this way will support its important work of awareness.

Message in a Bottle: a nice way to be together without losing sight of the important issues.

We'll be expecting you from Monday 3 to Thursday 6 April, between 19.30 and 22.00, at H2Otto, Via Molino della Armi, Milan.

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