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We write you to share the actions taken by Vismaravetro to respond to the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19 and our commitment in such a difficult moment.

Two basic principles lie behind these actions:
1) keep a constant service to our customers;
2) ensure the health of our employees and our community.

We are active with:

- Full operation of online services
Vismaravetro communication channels remain active to all customers, both professional and private. Every day, 24 hours a day at these links:

> Do you wish to configure your new shower enclosures?
> Do you need a spare part?
> Do you wish to extend the warranty of your shower enclosure?

The company's social media networks will also continue to be active, publishing and answering on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Twitter.

- Online business services
Mid-March, our accounting, sales, customer support, marketing and design teams started smart working.
Your usual contacts are reachable both for dealers and for installers or plumbers. You can check the status of your orders, ask for quotes and deal with offer, as well as require assistance.

Vismaravetro online supports for architects, designers and bath-wear professional people are also active.
Among these, it’s possible to download 3D files from Syncronia portal or to direct requests to .

- Temporary suspension of production
Further to the measures taken by the government, the production is temporarily suspended. We hope to restart as soon as possible in accordance with the governmental directives in order to guarantee the health of all our employees.
We will be glad to inform you and to come back with some important news!

- Your contacts
Our team is constantly reachable through audio/video conferences. Do not hesitate to forward your requests on Vismaravetro shower enclosures.
Your commercial reference and our technical team remain at your service.
You will always find a Vismaravetro person ready to answer you!

We are confident that the common effort will soon put an end to the spread of this virus allowing us to develop new projects and new ideas together.

All of the women and men of Vismaravetro team thank you for your cooperation and loyalty.