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From the Copper Age till 2019

From the Copper Age till 2019


Customized shower enclosure does not just mean being able to choose the dimensions, but it is a concept that also involves the aesthetic side, integrating the shower unit in all respects in the bathroom.

2018 saw the return of the noble materials as protagonists of the furnishings and the Copper invaded our homes. The Copper gives light and it is able to give the environment a more refined and luminous touch. Copper is a warm and enveloping tint; ideal for those who want a sophisticated atmosphere in a modern way.

To respond to this search for refinement and elegance, Vismaravetro offers a new satin-Copper finish (code 34), available on almost all the shower enclosures collections. Its warm and precious shades, but elegant and not shameless thanks to the satin finish, find also the perfect meeting with the latest trends in taps.

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