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Double security thanks to the laminated glassDouble security thanks to the laminated glassDouble security thanks to the laminated glass

Double security thanks to the laminated glass


Vismaravetro has obtained the UNI EN 12150/1863 certification regarding the thermal tempering of the glass and can use the brand UNI, which attests how the products are constantly subjected to rigorous checks in terms of resistance and safety.

Nevertheless, for Vismaravetro the safety of the glass in the shower enclosures is even more important.

For this reason, it has decided to use a laminated glass, that is, two tempered safety glass assembled by means of a plastic interlayer that ensures the perfect union of the components. This combination guarantees, in the event of one or both panes of the shower enclosure being broken, sufficient rigidity of the whole, preventing the separation of fragments and maintaining compactness and dimensions.

Vismaravetro proposes this new glass, called SECURPLUS for its shower units applied to Serie SK-IN.

Two particular and interesting types of laminated glass proposed by Vismaravetro are:
- Securplus Reeded: discover more with this link
- Securplus Custom: tempered and stratified glass of thickness and plastic interlayer at the request of the customer

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