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The history of Vismaravetro and its shower cabins is "3 generations long" and full of records and interesting discoveries.
In a world where everything changes (lifestyles, needs, fashions, markets ...) the solidity of our company, a family business and a leader in the shower units market for 70 years, is something important for all its stakeholders.

Here are some of the points we are proud of:
- We are the only company that completes the entire production cycle in its factories.
- Over the years, we have succeeded in combining artisan skill with industrial standards.
- We care about quality at every stage of production.
- We are the best allies of Sales Points: our presence in the showroom is a strong element of differentiation, thanks to our high possibility of customizing products and services.
- We are the only company in the sector that has been working with glass since 1947: this has allowed us to have a high level of expertise in the processing of this material that is both fragile and resistant, thanks to tempering.
- The production of series alongside the tailor-made and special productions. In our market a recurring phrase is: "If Vismaravetro does not do it, nobody does it ..."
- We do not stop doing research: the goal is to create products with strong identity and personality, "unique" products!

Quality and Innovation: These are the two pillars of making Vismaravetro a company based on the creative invention that gives life to new models and new ways of conceiving the domestic space dedicated to the bathroom.

An idea of applied creativity that is a full part of that unique and inimitable "Italian way of life": the pleasure of living surrounded by well
thought out and better produced objects.

Everything passes, beauty remains.

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