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Glass panes
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Glass panes shower enclosures

Glass panes

The Vismaravetro catalogue proposes 8 different types of crystal to customise shower units. The tempered glass complies with international safety standards.

Glass panes shower enclosures Obscure glass


Obscure glass

Glass panes shower enclosures Clear bronze glass


Clear bronze glass

Glass panes shower enclosures Clear glass


Clear glass

Glass panes shower enclosures Reflecting glass


Reflecting glass

Glass panes shower enclosures Clear grey glass


Clear grey glass

Glass panes shower enclosures Satin glass


Satin glass

Glass panes shower enclosures Extra-light glass


Extra-light glass

Glass panes shower enclosures Crystal Madras “Pavè”


Crystal Madras “Pavè”

All crystal is cut, edged, drilled and, especially, tempered in the Company. This ensures total control of processing phases and, therefore, allows to extend the warranty for glass to 5 years.

NOTES - The glass is tempered and complies with international safety regulations. - Vismaravetro reserves the right to make changes on finishes and materials, even without giving previous notice, for the purpose of updating the products and manufacturing processes.

Special Glass

The catalogue Vismaravetro considers 4 different typologies of special glasses to personalize own’s shower enclosure. The glass is tempered and it is conformed to international rules of security.


Glass Madras Nuvola
Madras Nuvola is a trasparent glass with progressive etched pattern .Matt to height of 150 cm, the satin glass blends with gradation in a perfectly transparent glass.


Crystal Extra-light satin
The extra-light satin crystal is made by an extra clear glass acidifying process. The greater transparency with the brighter colour of this crystal mean that when it is satin the product takes on an opaque appearance, extremely light satin effect.


Crystal Extra-reflex
A mirrored glass that offers at the same time a good visibility on the other side, depending on the lightning conditions of the environment. This glass is very suitable for the bathroom environment where it can be used safely without fear that moisture can oxidize the mirror surface.