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a shower


How do you size a gigantic sheet of glass? The precision of numerical control and the skilful craftsmanship of the man at work.


How is a shower enclosure built? First of all you start from the glass: that s what makes the difference! Look at how big the sheets are! In order to transport them you need special trucks like this one! Every sheet is 6 meters long and 3.21 wide. Its weight changes according to the thickness from 200 kg to an extraordinary 770. Because they' re unloaded in blocks of 6 cm, every block weighs around 2750kg

Here they are! They’re taken over by a machine called classifier. Its name derives from its function: it stores the sheets organizing them for type (transparent, colored, satin) and by thickness, acting exactly like a register that classifies in alphabetic order the files. The sheets are then transported by a bridge crane which, thanks to the powerful suckers of which is equipped, seizes them with incredible safety. Look at it, the sheet is taken with a roto shift movement and positioned for the next operation. Very strong suckers! Better than spider man!

Once they’ve been positioned the sheets are gently put on a table called tipper because it tips thew over from a vertical to an horizontal position. Once the sheet its been laid down the bridge crane methodically and tirelessly like the numeric controlled machines fetches a new sheet. Cool!

The sheet is now ready for the cut. Another machine, as you see in the monitor, it s already been programmed to execute the cut with a precision that touches the tenth of a millimeter. A special tungsten carbide wheel superficially carves the glass following the design and the measurements required. While it cuts traces the material with a special lubricating liquid.

Look at the precision and the speed! Now the sheet is ready for the breakout . And here there s no machine that can compare with these skilful artisans experience!

Look at what speed and easiness they breakout the sheet and recuperate the scraps which will be fully recycled!

Now the glass sheet has reached the right size: it s time to go to the next operation: the edging.
Until next time...

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