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a shower


Quality is synonymous with safety; both are tested and monitored by subjecting products to real torture.


How is a shower enclosure built?
In this episode we ll find out how the glass is tortured brrrr. The reason? Well we offer a product not only esthetically perfect but absolutely safe too! Let s go and see...

We’ re in the torture room. The aim of the test is to verify the compliance to the EN12150 eu regulation. The very strict rule says that in order to pass the test the tempered glass hit by a blunt object should break in at least 40 fragments in an area of 5 by 5 cm. The reason? The more pieces the glass breaks in, the smaller they are. And the smaller they are the least they can hurt!

Look at how is done... First you break the glass.... Then you identify the measuring area.... Let s count them... 1-2-3-4-5-6-80-81-82-83 Done! 83 pieces for 25 square cm! The regulation asks for 40 and instead Vismaravetro totalizes 83!! Test passed well done Vismara!

The glass sheet is analyzed with a microscope as well. Thanks to a technology called laser gasp one can check if the tempering has modified the crystal structure correctly, storing the traction and compression tension that makes the glass more resistant flexible and much safer.

But that s not it. Let s go and see what happens to this sheet of tempered glass... Look.. They ‘re just about throw on it a 45 kg bag from a meter distance! If you calculate the acceleration the sheet is about to be hit by a force superior to a Myke Tyson’ s punch! Ready? Go! See? Nothing at all!

Are you ready for the next torture? This one is really bad! The purpose here is to test the door s opening!
In a shower enclosure the running of the sliding doors, or any type of opening device is fundamental. In order to verify the quality of their products Vismaravetro samples every new shower enclosure model every time a new component is modified or inserted. The products are tested here with this machine that opens and closes the doors for at least 50.000 times.
And after 50.000 times they’re still perfect! Incredible!

Let’ s ask ourselves what s inside a shower enclosure and we ll have the answer that will guide us to our next test.
Now... As well as yourself your partner your child and your granny a shower enclosure hosts something that can enter but can never ever come out... What s that?
Of course! It’ s the water! And this is how we test the absence of leaks! We are now in the final torture room of Vismaravetro. This is the most special one as well as the funniest! The 100 billion glass sheet question is : how many people can a Vismaravetro glass sheet of 8 mm hold before breaking?
< One? Wrong.. Two? Wrong again...three? There are 250 Kgs in total. Shall we stop? Let ‘s stop poor sheet. But don t worry it can hold even more than this. Very well done Vismara! In the next episode we’ll tell you how to assemble and manufacture a Vismaravetro shower enclosure.

One of the 17 millions possibility available of course!

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