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a shower


A system worthy of the god Vulcan transforms glass: the magical tempering process.


How is a shower enclosure built?
In this episode we’ll find out how the glass is tempered.
The process of tempering makes the glass around six times stronger and thanks to the strength obtained it can be used without the help of bearing structures. Exactly like a Vismaravetro shower enclosure because the tempered glass is one of the safest.

What’ s the secret of a good temper? First of all the evenness of the heating and the subsequent cooling. For this reason the machine you see it’ s been developed following the company s instructions one of the few in Italy that can rely on a long experience of how to treat the glass. Let s start in order.

First step.... You know it by now: once the sheets have been cut edged drilled and screen printed are placed on the loading deck like this: the sheets are put in the heating room. See? Special ceramic rollers which constantly move make sure that the glass; which in the meantime has reached the temperature of 640 degrees centigrade and therefore is soft and flexible, may not collapse on the rollers sticking to them.

Look at the glass colour: it s almost red! And hear the noise this machine makes! A real monster reminds Volcano the roman god of the metallurgy! What type of glass is then shaped? First of all the flat sheets, even if the excellence is reached when creating bent shapes. In this case is the experience and the skills of the men that handle the machine that makes the difference! Sometimes they take days to perfectly calibrate the system: that s why Vismaravetro is the only Italian company that produces round shower enclosures using its own bent tempered glass.

Here s the glass that comes out of the oven, transported by the rollers, you see? Now it needs to be cooled down quickly... The thermal shock creates opposite forces between the outside and the inside of the glass. In this way it becomes much more resistant but at the same time much more flexible. A perfect glass to be used in perfect safety.

After the air cooling process, the glass reaches a temperature that allows to handle it. The tempering is an extraordinary process. Not only it gives us a very strong glass but at the same time it operates an automated natural selection.

In fact if the glass has the smallest defect or if the thermal treatment it’ s not done perfectly, the glass destiny is to inevitably break during the cooling process.. Ending up in a thousand pieces! A guarantee for the clients that can rely on extreme quality, as we’ ll see in the episode that shows the quality tests.

One more thing.
Every scrap of glass is recycled and reused. This is a green company!

Until next time!

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