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a shower


Fragile, extremely hard and indestructible, glass is one of the oldest materials invented by man. Working with it is a science that resembles art.


How is a shower enclosure built?
In this episode we’ll find out how the glass is edged ,how is drilled and how does it get silkscreened. First of all let’ s ask ourselves why is edged. The answer is simple: see here I can touch the glass but it s as sharp as a razor! That s why it' s edged . Sometime ago this was the edging machine.

Nowadays the system is completely automated. The sheet enters the edging machine and comes out perfectly in line with the safety standards. Unfortunately it’ s not possible to see the tool at work because the machine has got carters and pressers which guarantee its safety. The machine used is a straight bilateral edging machine .like you can guess by its name its used for glass sheets with straight borders. When the outline of the sheet is not straight a computer controlled work center is used instead.

Did you know that every Vismaravetro shower enclosure can be completely different from any other one?
That is because the company offers as many as 17 millions different configurations! Let s get back to our sheet that is now facing the drilling thanks to a drill that works with opposite heads. The drilling happens in a very delicate way working from both sides. This is the only way to avoid splinting the glass and get a perfect cut! Here is the hole and the expulsion of the small glass carrots! Needless to say the holes are perfect!

After each processing stage, the glass is washed and dried, in order to check the product quality and at the same time make it sure for further handling. By the way, all the water used in processing is filtered and used again, so that just a little and perfectly clean water is released into the environment.

The sheet, edged and drilled, is now ready for another treatment: The screen printing. Obviously if the client has requested it: see this tag? It s got the a barcode that allows traceability of every glass sheet that enters the factory.

In every moment in every processing stage it s possible to keep under control the working progress of Mr Rossi or Mrs Smith shower enclosure . And the one of every other client of course. If the client requires one of the many screen prints available this equipment fulfills his requests. The frame positions itself over the glass and distributes the paint evenly releasing it in the points where is permeable.

See, the distribution happens with a single coat for each glass.
After being painted the sheet is treated with heat. It s not really tempered yet. In fact is a low temperature dryness that fixes the paint and prevents it from accidental trimming. Once the quick drying ends, the sheet is left to age... ,like you do with wine, before being finally tempered.

Talking of which, temper will be the subject for the next episode.
Until next time.

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