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a shower


Only the intervention of man can transform a good product into an extraordinary object: when technology and automation combine with artisan know how.


How is a shower enclosure built?
In this episode we ll find out the final steps: assembly and shipping proof packing. The glasses, tempered, screen printed and treated against limestone, reach the factory where finally will become customized shower enclosure .

Properly stored together with the aluminum components they’re ready to be assembled. Here it’ s not about the machine. It’s people s competence and care that makes the difference. Every manufacture is made by skilled artisans.

Here we are at the first step: the aluminum profiles, cleaned with a special liquid, are secured to the glass with silicon applied by a pneumatic gun inside the profiles. See? The glass is placed at the neck of the profile and then through pneumatic clamps gets inserted and pressed in all its length : in this way it will stay perfectly straight.

Now it’ s the fittings time
See? According to the model, hinges, bearings seals and all the other components are applied. But the great thing is that the shower enclosure is always identifiable in every step of the manufacture. This one is for Mr Rossi and this one for Mrs Smith. The bar code is mistake proof. In this way, every product is followed like a baby during every manufacture step: every single profile or seal has got a tag with the client‘s name model and order number. That equals zero mistakes!

But because every shower enclosure is different from another one the packaging as well will be customized.
Light but strong: able to protect the product during shipping. Custom shower enclosure, custom packaging: look at how the machine takes the exact amount of cardboard from the 3 feeders in order to give each product a tailored suit!

Each side of the shower enclosure is placed inside the box see? Then it gets wrapped in a sheet of cartene a plastic material very thin but extremely strong, then the corners are protected by cardboard and polystyrene spacers.

Finally a special liquid which turns into foam is inserted and fills the space between glass and cardboard. In this way the shower enclosure is totally protected! And it s ready to leave for any destination.

In the meantime it’s tidily stored in a warehouse.
Once shipped you only need to wait for the installer Mr Rossi right? Let s hope you don t have to wait too long the pleasure of taking a shower in a Vismaravetro enclosure is unique!

Do you want to know more ? Get through directly to Vismaravetro !