Preventive Treatment
against Limescale Deposits

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Tpa: Preventive Treatment against Limescale Deposits


The glass surface is treated with a polymer which limits the adhesive properties of residues such as limescale, grease and soap deposits.

The TPA treatment helps with the cleaning and removal of the lime scale deposits and residues from the glass.

Reducing limestone shower


Shower Treatment against Limescale Deposits

Preventive Treatment against Limescale Deposits

The lasting effect of the treatment depends on the frequency of use of the shower enclosure and its cleaning with correct products.

The chemical and physical characteristics of the water and in particular its hardness can influence the lasting of the treatment (4/5 years).


The arch enemy of glass: limescale

How to clean the glass surfaces treated with TPA
• If possible always dry the shower enclosure after use
• Use a wet soft cloth when cleaning the glass
• The cleaning is made easier by a glass cleaning blade

Don’t use any of the following products to clean TPA treated glass
• DON’T use paste or abrasive products
• DON’T use bleach, alcohol, solvents or very acidic products (such as Viakal or drain cleaner)
• DON’T use products containing silicone. They leave a film on the glass surface cancelling completely the effects of TPA.

TPA does not eliminate glass cleaning but is designed to make it easier.

Treatment against Limescale Deposits  vismaravetro

Can be used with most Vismaravetro shower units.

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Item Virgola is included in the price of treatment preventing limescale "TPA".