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Cleaning accessories

Vismaravetro products for regular and occasional maintenance of shower enclosures. find out

Shower enclosures cleaning products


It makes the shower enclosures glass cleaning and maintenance easy

It’s ergonomic, practical, always handy, thanks to its magnetic support that can be fitted anywhere.

It makes the glass cleaning and maintenance easy. It is used without detergents because its shape leaves no water residuals and glass remains clean and shiny.

Item is included in the price of treatment preventing limescale "TPA".

How to use Virgola to obtain shiny glass surfaces
• after using the shower, dry all wet glass surfaces with Virgola
• if necessary use a mild detergent, (e.g. lemon or vinegar based)
• following these simple instructions will prevent water to dry on the glass surface and leave limestone deposits
• if these deposits are not removed they will become very hard to Technical specifications eliminate in time: but with Virgola, glass surfaces will be shiny

Cleaning products

Limescale cleaning for shower enclosures

Limescale cleaning is a product for the everyday cleaning. It is compatible with TPA.

Treatment for the periodic maintenance of Shower enclosures Preventive Treatment
against Limescale Deposits

Treatment for the periodic maintenance of T.P.A

This renovates the original T.P.A. for lasting protection against the effects of limescale.

All these products can be purchased via a Vismaravetro authorised retailer.


Stainless steel and glass storage compartments. Available for corner or wall installation.

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Aluminium and glass storage containers, available for corner installation. Available in 2 heights.

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Partition wall, storage containers, and clothes rods: one single accessory that offers maximum comfort. Can be used with any Vismaravetro shower enclosure.

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Virgola is the squeegee accessory that facilitates glass cleaning and maintenance.

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Cleaning products

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